Hammer Toe Treatment in Dubai

If you’re dealing with the discomfort and inconvenience of hammer toe, you’ve come to the right place. 

At Dr. Ehab Kheir’s clinic in Dubai, we offer expert hammer toe treatment and surgical solutions to help you regain comfort and mobility. 

Let us give some insights on what a hammer toe is, the treatment options available, when surgery may be necessary, and how our specialized care can provide the relief you need.

What is Hammer Toe?

Hammer toe is a common foot deformity characterized by an abnormal bending of one or more toes, causing them to resemble the shape of a hammer. This condition can result from various factors, including genetics, ill-fitting shoes, or underlying medical conditions. The discomfort and pain associated with hammer toe can impact your quality of life significantly, making early intervention crucial.

Hammer Toe Treatment in Dubai

Dr. Ehab Kheir’s clinic in Dubai is your trusted destination for comprehensive hammer toe treatment. Our approach to managing hammer toe includes the following:

Non-Surgical Treatment

For mild to moderate cases, non-surgical interventions may provide relief. These can include:

  • Orthotic Devices: Custom orthotic inserts can help redistribute pressure on the toes and relieve discomfort.
  • Toe Exercises: Specific exercises can improve toe flexibility and strength.
  • Footwear Guidance: Dr. Ehab Kheir and his team will recommend proper footwear to alleviate pressure on affected toes.

Hammer Toe Surgery Dubai

Surgical intervention may be necessary when conservative measures do not yield the desired results. Hammer toe surgery in Dubai, performed by Dr. Ehab Kheir with precision and expertise, can correct the deformity. It typically involves:

  • Toe Joint Realignment: The surgical procedure may include releasing or repositioning tendons and ligaments to straighten the affected toe.
  • Implant Placement: In some cases, small implants or pins may be used to maintain toe alignment during the healing process.

Is Hammer Toe Surgery Right for You?

Determining whether hammer toe surgery is necessary depends on the severity of your condition and how it impacts your daily life. If you’re experiencing persistent pain or difficulty walking or have tried non-surgical options without success, it’s essential to consult with Dr. Ehab Kheir to explore your surgical options.

Benefits of Hammer Toe Treatment in Dubai

Choosing hammer toe treatment at Dr. Ehab Kheir’s clinic offers numerous benefits:

  • Pain Relief: Treatment can alleviate the pain and discomfort associated with hammer toe.
  • Improved Mobility: Proper toe alignment can enhance your ability to walk and engage in activities.
  • Prevention of Complications: Addressing hammer toe can prevent more severe complications from developing.


Customized Care: Dr. Ehab Kheir tailors each treatment plan to your needs, ensuring the best possible outcome.

Hammer Toe Treatment in Dubai - Your Path to Relief

Are you tired of the pain and inconvenience caused by hammer toe? Consult Dr. Ehab Kheir at his Dubai clinic and take the first step toward regaining your comfort and mobility. Our team’s expertise and advanced treatments will guide you on your journey to healthier, happier feet.

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