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Dr. Ehab Kheir is here to guide you through the causes, symptoms, and, most importantly, effective solutions for ankle sprains. Whether you’re dealing with a minor sprain or a severe one, Dr. Kheir can help you regain strength and stability in your ankle, ensuring a swift recovery with his ankle sprain treatment in Dubai.

Understanding Ankle Sprains

What exactly is an ankle sprain?

Ankle sprains commonly occur when the ligaments supporting the ankle are injured. Typically, the outer ligaments of the ankle are more vulnerable to sprains due to their relative fragility compared to the inner ligaments. When the foot turns inward, it can strain these outer ligaments, resulting in tenderness and instability.

Types of Ankle Sprains:

Minor Sprains

These may cause some pain with minor swelling.


Minor ankle sprains are typically the result of everyday incidents, such as stepping on an uneven surface, missing a step on the stairs, or making a sudden movement that slightly overextends the ankle.

Severe Sprains

Severe ankle sprains are often linked to more forceful and traumatic incidents that place significant stress on the ankle ligaments, potentially leading to tearing.


  • Falling from a height, such as during sports activities or a ladder accident.
  • Sudden twists or turns of the ankle during high-impact sports, like basketball or football.
  • Stepping into a hole or gap with force

Common Symptoms of Ankle Sprains:

  • Swelling and ecchymosis (bruising) at the lateral side of the ankle.
  • Tenderness.
  • Pain with weight-bearing.
  • Ankle instability.

Causes of Ankle Sprains

The most common cause of an ankle sprain is a sudden and unexpected movement that results in hyperflexion and inversion of the ankle joint. 

This hyperflexion stretches or, in severe cases, tears the supporting ligaments beyond their limits. Such incidents can happen during various activities, including falls, slips, navigating uneven terrain, or participating in sports that involve sudden twists and turns.


While X-rays aren’t always necessary for diagnosis, they may be required in certain cases, such as when there’s an inability to bear weight or tenderness at specific locations on the ankle.

Effective Treatment for Ankle Sprains

Immediate action is crucial when dealing with an ankle sprain. In the initial stages, typically, an ankle sprain doctor in Dubai prescribes the RICE protocol.

A brace or wrap may be recommended, especially during physical activities and rehabilitation exercises, to provide support and protection.

In some severe or complex cases, surgery is crucial. Dr Ehab, who specialises in complex foot and ankle surgeries, may recommend arthroscopic minimally invasive surgery or nerve repair to treat an ankle sprain.

Prevention and Long-Term Care

Prevention is key, and Dr. Ehab Kheir can assess your foot for ankle instability. Conditions like overpronation or excessive foot and ankle motion can increase the risk of ankle sprains during physical activities.

Ankle Sprains: Get Expert Treatment in Dubai

Dr Ehab Kheir is one of the most established Orthopaedic Surgeon from the UK. He specialises in treating complex foot and ankle conditions- both surgically and non-surgically.

Choose expert care for your ankle sprains. Contact Dr. Ehab Kheir, your trusted ankle sprains doctor in Dubai, to schedule an appointment with Dr. Ehab and take the first step towards a pain-free and active life.

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